Jeas fit challenge, part 1

I’m sure there are better names for when you challenge yourself, but this is what I could come up with after midnight, when all I could really think about was to go to sleep 🙂

My cardiologist tells me I need to work out. Cardio. Says it can help. So obviously I do it (I’m a really good patient 🙂 ) and I really want it to help me and make me better! It hasn’t helped for the last 3 or 4 years, but hey, things can change, right?

But now I need to really, really, really focus on it. Really do EVERYTHING that I possibly can to make my body feel better!
For the last couple of months, I’ve gained 11 kilos (24,5lbs). Not because I wanted to, duh, but because my body has felt like rubbish and I’ve had little to no energy to do anything. Spring  and summer always hits my health haaaard!! (More on that soon.)

I have about 20 – 25 kilos (44 – 55lbs) to say goodbye to and I will 🙂


I saw “Fittest on Earth” on Netflix yesterday and Katrin Davidsdottir said that and wrote it down to remin me if I need it.

Ok. So I actually have a plan. Not just a thought of what I would like to do/have.
I divided my goals in to 4 groups:
– Mental goals.
– “Activity goals”.
– Food goals.
– Physical goals.

To be able to actually do it and not getting beaten by my bad health, I need a “plan of attack” for that. Lots of thinking and cursing later and I THINK that MAYBE I have a good enough plan. Possibly. If not, I can always make things better as I go!

I don’t wann make the post too long so more will come in the next post 🙂 There’s also a bit of inormation about my Health. Did you know that a person can be intolerant to excersice? Yep, that’s part of my helth. Exactly how it works will be a part of my next post. You will understand why it isn’t as odd and weird as it sounds when you know what it mean (at least when you have POTS, I can’t speak for others).


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