Jeas Fit Challenge, part 2

Ok, so my plan is to get a fitter and better body than I have now. Since I have afew things standing in my way from that, I need to really, really Think about HOW to do that. And that’s why I didn’t go to bed until 1am last night. Some Saturday night, huh 🙂

What exacly does stand in my way? I have:
– POTS – Postural Ortorstatic Tachycardia Syndrome (unable to take medication for it).
– Siunstachycardia (medication for it).
– Syncope (no medication).

Why is that rubbish?
– My puls can suddenly race.
– My pulse also doesn’t always rise as it should when I try to work out.
– I’m constantly tired.
– I need to drink lots of water.
– I need extra salt in my diet.
– I fall asleep if I eat the wrong food/heavy food/lots of food.
– My bloodpressure is crap in the morning and I pass out easily.
– I can’t tolerate heat as well as healthy people.
– When I get too warm I pass out.
– If the airpressure is bad I can pass out.
– When i work out/take fast walks I get warm and that will make my bloodpressure drop and I pass out, exersice intolerans, get it now? Not as strange as it sounds 🙂
– I need extra/lots of breaks at work.
– I ned extra/lots of breaks when out Walking.
– I need extra/lots of breaks when working out.
– I need to drink cold water no matter what I’m doing.

That list can o on forever, but you get the idea. It sucks.
I’ve started lots of different workoutroutines, but I haven’t been able to keep it up. The reason for that is that if you don’t have enough motivation to handle having every single symptom you can possibly have from your sickness/syndrome, there’s no way you’re gonna keep it up!! That’s just the way it is.
I’ve gone for walks. That’s it. And the only reason I didn’t have motivation is because I didn’t have anything waiting at the light in the end of the tunnel. Nothing motivating me. A bad gym (with no air…). But now I do. No I have exactly what I need waiting for me!

My goals, divided in to 4 Groups.
Mental goals:
– Feel good about myself.
– Have a genuine smile on my face.
-Be happy!
Activity goals:
– Be able to ride a bike for 30 minutes.
– Do handstands at Yoga.
– Do cardio every day (and I need that to help me with my POTS they say, yikes).
– Use the rowingmachine at the gym for more than 2 minutes.
Food goals:
– Eat well (already started).
– Veggies (already starte).
– Fruits and berries (already started).
Physical goals:
– Less problems with finding clothes.
– Help with a boobjob.
– Be fit.
– Less problems with my back, my knees and my hips.

Hang on for part 3.


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