First time at Zumba

I told you I would tell you all about my first class. If only I could show you a video or photos. You would laugh for days!
I was really nervous before, mostly since I despise anything that comes even close to dancing. I DO NOT dance!

första zumban

It took a while to understand how the H*LL I was supposed to move my hips. In the end, I still didn’t get it, so I just moved them however they felt like moving 🙂

I did learn a few things though. First of all, I was absolutely right, I have nothing even close to rythm anywhere in my body! And then all that “shake your booty” and “seeexy” came up (but in Swedish 🙂 )… yeah… I can’t shake my booty and look sexy doing it to save my life. Or you know, maybe I can… it would save my life if the onlooker would die from laughing!! I’m gonna have to remember that one…

After a long while, I was wondering how much time was left. I was guessing we were about half way done and looked up. 5 minutes in. FIVE minutes and NOT 30 like I thought!!! That was the first time I asked my self what in the world I thought I was doing..

Every time I saw myself in the mirror I laughed, I culdn’t stop myself 🙂 Because you know what I like about me? I don’t care how it looks to others, if I’m having fun, that’s all that matters! And oh my sweet someone did I have FUN! So much fun! I was having the time of my life!

efter första zumban

I can’t describe how exhausted I was after 60 minutes of Zumba and how much water I was drinking. But I signed up for it next time too. On Monday it’s on again!
Once my body gets used to it, I will go on both Mondays and Fridays. Since I have my healthissues, I want my body to get used to it before going all in. I mean it’s not like Zumba is slow and easy 😛

Until next time, ❤


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