A tiny observational study

Or at least sort of 😛

When I was really, really skinny (BMI 15 and helthy) I didn’t know that so many things I delt with daily was actually symptoms of my PoTS. And my sinustachycardia kicked in after I gained weight (am now on medication for my thyroid). I was overweight when I had all of my diagnoses and found out all about my symptoms (heartrate racing, bloodpressure drops, out of breath etc) and I don’t know how different my symptoms are now versus back then. I didn’t pay any attention to it hen, I thought it was normal to everybody!
But I figured, with me losing weight and getting healthy now, why not do an observational study of it?

noteboks 2

In one of the white journals, I am documenting my:
– heartrate when I’m out walking, when I eat, when I go to bed, when I wake up, when I take my medication (to lower my heartrate) after I take my medication and so on.
– PoTS and how it reacts to all in daily life.
– exhaustion.
– foodproblems.
– dizzyspells.
– tiredness (is that a word?).
– symptoms while excersicing.
I write down what I do and and how I experience the symptoms on a scale from 1-10.

In the second white journal I write down facts about the day, temperature, wind, if I’m ill etc. Anything that can help describe the day. I also write down observations from the day, anything that I’ve reacted to or thought extra about.

In the large black notebook I keep record of my weight, my meassurements, my workouts, my walks & how long time they take. And thoughts about theese things.

The little black notebook is the one I take with me during the day to write in so I don’t forget anything.

I started yesterday with the large black one and one of the whites (the first on the list) but soon understood I needed more. I have even bought a pretty pink one just in case I need more 🙂

I will record everything for 3 months. I chose 3 months because that’s all that would fit in the large black one 🙂 1 date/page.
It is going to be SO much fun to go over it all later!! To see what’s changed, what hasn’t changed, to see possible connections that are worth looking closer at etc!! Oh, I’m telling you, losing weight and kicking bad habits have never been more fun!!

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You are always welcome with thoughts and questions about anything I write, just remember to show respect 🙂

I can’t end this post without showing a few things I’m completely in love with right now:


bär och ramlösa



Progress this week

So it’s saturday and these days that = hello scale.

During the past week my health has been a bit bad, I’ve had little to no energy and I’ve slept 12 – 15 hours/night, and still haven’t had enough sleep. Needles to say that gets to you after a while…
When hopping on the scale today (no, acually, I got on it quite carefully…) I thought that maybe 3 or 4hg (under 1lbs) down, but it showed 1,4kg (3lbs) down so that was a huge surprise 🙂

Another progress I’m taking with me from this week is the fact that I’m getting GOOD at saying no to food/drinks/sweets/candy/ice-cream etc that I don’t really want!

I’m taking this weekend to relax and take it easy and charge my batteries, I have one more week then I’m free for 4 weeks! I do hope the weather gets better by then 🙂

Since my phone broke down, I now give you another photo of what my day today has looked like:


I’d like to take a moment to thank my memory for being absolutely amazing! Give it another month or two and I’ll be quite good at spanish 🙂

No phone…

First day of this week and what happens? My phone says “thank you, I need some time to myself” and goes dark. Only thing I could do was answer calls, and that’s only because I know where the answerbutton is… So it went of to be repaired and I think I will have it back early next week.

At the moment I’m using and old, old phone that doesn’t take good pictures anymore and hardly any apps are working properly. On instagram, all I can do is look at photos and like them. Videos work every now and then, mostly not at all.

Aaanyway… It’s saturday so I hopped on the scale (or you know, stood on it carefully) and it says minus 1,4kg (3lbs), so yay on that.
My health has been pretty crappy this week, I’ve had close to no energy and I’ve slept about 12 – 15 hours/night and still haven’t gotten enough sleep so I’m pretty surprised about that minus 🙂

A photo is needed in a post, and since my phone can’t take good ones, I’ using my proper camera now. My weekend will consist of this:


I’m teaching myself spanish.
I was in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for two weeks in november of last year and I taught myself enough then to get by – order food and drink, ask for directions, apologize if I bump in to people, not be tricked when I’m shopping…
And so now I’m teaching myself “the rest” so to speak. Yeah… I’m a fast learner 🙂 That’s pretty sweet!

I will be back later with a proper update on things.

Jeas Fit Challenge, part 3

To get healthier when your body isn’t well is not easy. That’s just the way it is. I know that I’m up for pure hell. I’m not kidding, that’s how it will be, that’ how it always is when I need to start something… I’m 33 and my body STILL HASN’T adjusted itself to working!! I work 50% (4 hours/day) and that’s what I can manage. I’ve tried more but, oh honey… that wasn’t pretty at all…

Somehow, I need to make myself go to the gym more. Every damn day. I won’t be lifting weights everyday. No, it’s as follows:
MondayZumba (as much as my body can manage, medication up by the leader just in case).
TuesdayBodybalance. A bit nicer to my body. Bloodpressure will drop, but that’s ok, I haven’t fully passed out yet. Is it odd that I’m super happy that I’ve only lost my eyesight and hearing during class? Well, that’s what it’s like being me 🙂
Wednesday – rest.
ThursdayCardio, right after work. (The gym is in the same building as I work.)
Friday –  Cardio, right after work.
SaturdayCardio in the morning after my bloodressure has had a chance to settle and stay at what’s normal for me.
SundayCardio in the morning after my bloodressure has had a chance to settle and stay at what’s normal for me.

I will do Yoga at home to help relax my body and wind down. Once it’s back at the gym (none for the summer), I will go back to class there 🙂

The hardest thing will be to force my body to do it. I will be so tired and exhausted and feel like crap. I’m hoping that since I do most straight after work I will be able to have some sort of an “ok” spare time after that. If not… well, what can I do? My health is the most important thing.
A lot of people with POTS say that they do their cardio every day and it’s always the same hell, but that hell will soon feel normal. Just as the hell we always live is normal to us. It jsut sucks never being able to do thing with others because you’re too tired or your bloodpressure is too bad oryour pulse is at 15 and you need o wait and see if you need to go to the doctor or not. Or having an ok puls and then have it go from 55 to 200 every damn time you try to stand up. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone between rooms at home on all 4 because I don’t want to pas out and hurt myself.)

– LOTS of water.
– Salt.
– No carbs before gym.
– No large meals in the hours before gym.
– No warm meals at all before gym.
– No warm clothes (as always, dress to be a bit cold…).
– Sleep for about 10 – 15 hours/night.
– Eat no more food than the size of my fist at a time.
– Don’t stretch before working out!!!
– Not laughing too much.
– Listen to even the smallest signal from my body.
– Be careful.
– Don’t move to fast during the day.
– A minimum of 15 minutes of warm up before I do anything.
– No, no, no, ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO STRESS at all!!!!

I’m not even kidding with that list. All of it is so important if I’m going to be able to make it! Even the part about laughing, if I laugh too hard/too much my bloodpressure will drop! I have passed out because of this and IT FREAKED ME OUT!!!! Now I know how crap like that works so… But still…
The above list will probably have things added as I go. I can’t remember everything right now, I’m too tired. (I’m sitting next to the window and I just realized the sun came out and that’s why I’m suddenly getting so tired and exhausted. Yeah, that’s my life. My heartrate is increasing more and more and I need to get more water now!)

I’m gonna write more about my little challenge as I go. I won’t write much about my health, but I wanted to make it clear to people so I can just refer to these 3 posts when there are questions. I don’t want the focus to be on that, I want the focus to be on my progress, my goals, my challenge!
Ever now and then I will write a post about how it’s going in concern to my POTS and the rest, but that’s probably about it.
Should you have any questions, just ask!

On instagram, I will use #jeaswellness & #jeasfitchallenge if you wanna have a look there too. You can find me under @jeas_wellness 🙂

Jeas Fit Challenge, part 2

Ok, so my plan is to get a fitter and better body than I have now. Since I have afew things standing in my way from that, I need to really, really Think about HOW to do that. And that’s why I didn’t go to bed until 1am last night. Some Saturday night, huh 🙂

What exacly does stand in my way? I have:
– POTS – Postural Ortorstatic Tachycardia Syndrome (unable to take medication for it).
– Siunstachycardia (medication for it).
– Syncope (no medication).

Why is that rubbish?
– My puls can suddenly race.
– My pulse also doesn’t always rise as it should when I try to work out.
– I’m constantly tired.
– I need to drink lots of water.
– I need extra salt in my diet.
– I fall asleep if I eat the wrong food/heavy food/lots of food.
– My bloodpressure is crap in the morning and I pass out easily.
– I can’t tolerate heat as well as healthy people.
– When I get too warm I pass out.
– If the airpressure is bad I can pass out.
– When i work out/take fast walks I get warm and that will make my bloodpressure drop and I pass out, exersice intolerans, get it now? Not as strange as it sounds 🙂
– I need extra/lots of breaks at work.
– I ned extra/lots of breaks when out Walking.
– I need extra/lots of breaks when working out.
– I need to drink cold water no matter what I’m doing.

That list can o on forever, but you get the idea. It sucks.
I’ve started lots of different workoutroutines, but I haven’t been able to keep it up. The reason for that is that if you don’t have enough motivation to handle having every single symptom you can possibly have from your sickness/syndrome, there’s no way you’re gonna keep it up!! That’s just the way it is.
I’ve gone for walks. That’s it. And the only reason I didn’t have motivation is because I didn’t have anything waiting at the light in the end of the tunnel. Nothing motivating me. A bad gym (with no air…). But now I do. No I have exactly what I need waiting for me!

My goals, divided in to 4 Groups.
Mental goals:
– Feel good about myself.
– Have a genuine smile on my face.
-Be happy!
Activity goals:
– Be able to ride a bike for 30 minutes.
– Do handstands at Yoga.
– Do cardio every day (and I need that to help me with my POTS they say, yikes).
– Use the rowingmachine at the gym for more than 2 minutes.
Food goals:
– Eat well (already started).
– Veggies (already starte).
– Fruits and berries (already started).
Physical goals:
– Less problems with finding clothes.
– Help with a boobjob.
– Be fit.
– Less problems with my back, my knees and my hips.

Hang on for part 3.

Jeas fit challenge, part 1

I’m sure there are better names for when you challenge yourself, but this is what I could come up with after midnight, when all I could really think about was to go to sleep 🙂

My cardiologist tells me I need to work out. Cardio. Says it can help. So obviously I do it (I’m a really good patient 🙂 ) and I really want it to help me and make me better! It hasn’t helped for the last 3 or 4 years, but hey, things can change, right?

But now I need to really, really, really focus on it. Really do EVERYTHING that I possibly can to make my body feel better!
For the last couple of months, I’ve gained 11 kilos (24,5lbs). Not because I wanted to, duh, but because my body has felt like rubbish and I’ve had little to no energy to do anything. Spring  and summer always hits my health haaaard!! (More on that soon.)

I have about 20 – 25 kilos (44 – 55lbs) to say goodbye to and I will 🙂


I saw “Fittest on Earth” on Netflix yesterday and Katrin Davidsdottir said that and wrote it down to remin me if I need it.

Ok. So I actually have a plan. Not just a thought of what I would like to do/have.
I divided my goals in to 4 groups:
– Mental goals.
– “Activity goals”.
– Food goals.
– Physical goals.

To be able to actually do it and not getting beaten by my bad health, I need a “plan of attack” for that. Lots of thinking and cursing later and I THINK that MAYBE I have a good enough plan. Possibly. If not, I can always make things better as I go!

I don’t wann make the post too long so more will come in the next post 🙂 There’s also a bit of inormation about my Health. Did you know that a person can be intolerant to excersice? Yep, that’s part of my helth. Exactly how it works will be a part of my next post. You will understand why it isn’t as odd and weird as it sounds when you know what it mean (at least when you have POTS, I can’t speak for others).

Bad day..

Today is not a good day for me… My POTS doesn’t want to cooperate AT ALL.. I’ve been feeling bad all day, getting dizzy, tired, “brain fog”, exhausted, problems standing up, problems eating and so on…

I was supposed to go to Zumba in less than 3 hours but I can’t risk it at the moment. I almost passed out about an hour ago and my body does NOT want to even sit up. So of to the sofa to read today 🙂 Tomorrow is Boybalance and I’m hoping things will get a bit better until then 🙂

I found the most amazinf tumblr yesterday, http://potsiespoons.tumblr.com/ that gives a really goo idea of what things are like for me and others with POTS. (Besides POTS, I also have sinustachycardia.)

Fear not, I’m ok even if I’m not ok!

My new table

I finally decided what to put on my new table!


stol 1

stol 2

stol 3


på köksbordet

IKEA – my fingers hate you. People, I have one thing to say, ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVER!! Big words from someone Who prefers sonic screwdrivers 😉 (Get it?)

I obviously had to hurt my back in the process, what would a visit to IKEA be without it? But I love my kitchen now! I just have to get the putting-furnitures-together-mess cleaned up now 🙂 It’ll take about a minute, so no problems!

So. Sunday today. Monday tomorrow. Meaning Zumba tomorrow. See ya!

First time at Zumba

I told you I would tell you all about my first class. If only I could show you a video or photos. You would laugh for days!
I was really nervous before, mostly since I despise anything that comes even close to dancing. I DO NOT dance!

första zumban

It took a while to understand how the H*LL I was supposed to move my hips. In the end, I still didn’t get it, so I just moved them however they felt like moving 🙂

I did learn a few things though. First of all, I was absolutely right, I have nothing even close to rythm anywhere in my body! And then all that “shake your booty” and “seeexy” came up (but in Swedish 🙂 )… yeah… I can’t shake my booty and look sexy doing it to save my life. Or you know, maybe I can… it would save my life if the onlooker would die from laughing!! I’m gonna have to remember that one…

After a long while, I was wondering how much time was left. I was guessing we were about half way done and looked up. 5 minutes in. FIVE minutes and NOT 30 like I thought!!! That was the first time I asked my self what in the world I thought I was doing..

Every time I saw myself in the mirror I laughed, I culdn’t stop myself 🙂 Because you know what I like about me? I don’t care how it looks to others, if I’m having fun, that’s all that matters! And oh my sweet someone did I have FUN! So much fun! I was having the time of my life!

efter första zumban

I can’t describe how exhausted I was after 60 minutes of Zumba and how much water I was drinking. But I signed up for it next time too. On Monday it’s on again!
Once my body gets used to it, I will go on both Mondays and Fridays. Since I have my healthissues, I want my body to get used to it before going all in. I mean it’s not like Zumba is slow and easy 😛

Until next time, ❤