Plans for tomorrow

Ok, sorry about the spam, but one more for today.

Since I’ve been so off lately, I’ve decided to write more about my day here. From a wellbeing point of view ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow is a big day, I’m going to IKEA to get a new table for the kitchen. So my plan for tomorrow is basically to come home in one piece ๐Ÿ˜›

But after that I will get my kitchen in order, have it look better than ever (that will be easy…). I’ve already brought grapes so i will have something to snack on and I have Ramlรถsa (sparkling water from Ramlรถsa, Sweden) in the fridge. So that’s good.
The big question is what I’m gonna eat tomorrow. I’m thinking pastasallad with halloumi. Yeah… that sounds good!

I feel really good about everything right now. The kitchen will look better, I have a new, pretty scale in the bedroom and next month I’m hoping to buy either a new closet or two new dressers, it depends on what IKEA have in then (they don’t have the dressers right know or I would have bought them).

Tomorrow I will tell you aaall about my first class of Zumba. If you don’t know if you wanna read it or not, here’s a spoiler – I can not dance to save my life!!!



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