How Yoga & Bodybalance has helped my back

I have a bad back. Seriously, lumbar lordosis I think they called it. My core is really weak. And by ‘really’ I really mean REALLY!!! I need to wor my core, glutes and quads extra much for this problem. Last friday, I realized how much better it’s gotten sine I starte Yoga and Bodybalance in April.

It was Midsummer Eve and the family went to Copenhagen for the day (for old times sake). Ususally after a day of Walking my back lower back is killing me and it is completely impossible for me to keep my back up right. But as I was waiting for the train back to Malmö I noticed that I didn’t feel like my back was about to break in half. Sure, it was really painful, but not at all like it usually is. And what dd I ind? My back was straigth. My lower back wasn’t “falling in” on itself as it does in these situations!!


In the left photo, I was trying to show you how much my lower back used to bend, but this isn’t even it!! I couldn’t bend it as much as it used to do on it’s own!
In the right photo, I’m just standing relaxed. This felt so amazing to discover!!

I have never been happier about starting Yoga and Bodybalance than right then and there! The pain in my lower back isn’t as bad as it used to be over all, either.


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