International Day of Yoga

My session today was an insanely relaxing one. It killed my glutes and thighs, but that’s another story 🙂

Turns out my mascara, that really HOLDS, didn’t quite make it. On one eye.

international day of yoga 1

Turns out a waterfall of sweat is NOT mascaraproofed 😀 But who cares? It’s the end of the day, I have a really nice shower to look forward to and I bet I will sleep like a baby tonight.

international day of yoga 2

I know I said no photos of me in underwear, but you can’t actually see my panties and that up there is a workout bra, so there! “Bra” is by the way the Swedish word for “good”, for all those who didn’t wonder 🙂

And no, I’m not pregnant, that’s just my litte tummy. It was jealous  (really? is that how it’s spelled?) that the rest of me get all the attention. This is me and I’m not ashamed of me!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in desperate need of a shower!


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