Good Morning Yoga

After a very short night, that felt really long due to vey Little sleep, I finally decided to get u at 5.30 this mrning. What’s the point in just looking at a wall?
I red the news, I looked at some really pretty photos on instagram (I really, really want to go to Edinburgh!!) and then I went to my lovely little yogamat.

There’s this great little morning session, about 10 minutes, to wake up the body that I tried. It felt good, really good. The problem with me and mornings is that my bloodpressure does NOT want to cooperate! It drops a lot, even more so if I moe aup and down – forward bends for example. But I know how my body will react, I know exactly when my bloodpressure will drop and I know just what to do to be able to go on with my day without it affecting me too much. I just have to work around it 🙂


I’m always so, so, so cold in the mornings whe I get out of bed. Freezing cold even! So Yoga in the bathrobe until I get warm, because why not? It’s great actually 🙂 Then when I get warm I take it of and I’m in my panties (no, sorry, there won’t be a photo of that).

It felt pretty good to start the morning like this. Yoga, washing up, getting dressed, reading a book, and THEN go to wok. All relaxed and with a head filled with god and positive thoughts and feelings. Absolutely brilliant!


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