I’ve taken in more and more from the Yoga Lifestyle to my heart. Breathing, training, thinking, the help it gives in daily life etc.

Lately, I haven’t been doing very well. I’ve been sick ans an old injury flared up like crazy. My energy has just been gone. But with my nose firmly placed in books about Yoga (and websites) I’ve managed to help myself get back on track.
I have a few things to work on when it comes to my own wellbeing, but I’m on the right track!


These 2 cost half a fortune at Pressbyrån (Swedish).
Yoga Journal was 99sek, but after being on their website so much I was convinced it would be worth it. NOPE! It really wasn’t. Every single thing I read in the Magazine, I had already read on their webiste. But now I know.
OM Yoga was 109sek (!!!!!) and turned out to be worth it! In this edition there was a lot about Yoga in your daily Life, stretching at your desk/office and lots of feel-good stuff.

I ill keep buying OM Yoga Magazine.


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