Wellness, every day

Not just on the weekends. (This is what I’m thinking and what’s working for me.)

Every friday on the bus home from work I hear people say things like “finally friday!”, “finally weekend!” Now, they’re going to relax, have fun and “just be” as we say in Sweden. I have a job that I love and wonderful coworkers, so I don’t think like that. To me, its’ more “more time to be well” and “more time to enjoy life”. Maybe not those exact Words, but you get what I mean, right?

To me, like everybody else, it’s so important to feel good every day of the year. Bad days will come. Boring days will come. It’s part of Life. If we don’t have any bad days, then how can we really enjoy the good ones?

Feeling good isn’t something that just happens. It demands work. It’s something we have to get for ourselves one way or another! (I am writing about people without mental illness. If you have one, depression, anxiety, panicattack etc then it’s impossible to just “shake it of” with some Yoga poses. Real anxiety and panicattacks can’t be helped this way. If you do have any of this, please talk to a doctor or school nurse, or parent/legal Guardian so you can get help. Yoga is something you can have to help you on the side, but it will never substitute proffessional help!) When I’m talking about bad days and feeling good, I’m talking about te regular kind that applies to us all. Those bad days can be hard enough to get out of sometimes.

I know, that if I go in to a really bad downwards spiral, I will have a relly hard time getting back up. Gettng back on my feet will be so, so hard even if I know that I will get back up. To me, it’s a lot about preventing these bad times and making them as short and tiny as possible.

So how do I do that?
I listen to my body. What does it need? Where do I need to take a walk for it to feel better? What Yoga poses do I need right now (the answer usually have something to do withmy back…)? What does my mind need right now? How do I feel Deep in my oul?
A bit fuzzy, I know. Let’s put it like this:

– Yoga every day, with focus on what my body neds at the moment.
– Plenty of water (we have Amazing tap water in Sweden, so that’s great!).
– Eat because my body needs it, not “just because”.
– Cut candy/sweets/treats to when my body say “GIIIVE MEEE NOOOOW!!!”
– Read books.
– Read up on Yoga (Magazines, blogs, websites).
– Write a stressjournal – what makes me feel good, what makes me feel bad, what stresses me out, thought to help etc).
– #yogalife and #yogalove on instagram.
– Finding the little things in Life that makes m feel better.
– Stop and look/appreciate my surroundings.
– Look for things arouud me that makes me smile, like this wonderful place I live right next to:


The colors, the trees, the water, the pond, the sky, the little tower, the birds, the combination of it all. IN the central of Malmö, right by my place. Can it get any better?
there are so many wonderful things in Life, but you need to find them. I could easily add a “it’s ‘only’ to find them”, but it’s not always that easy. If it was, all of us would be happy all the time.
I stop every nowand then on my walks. I look around. Where am I? What does it look like, really look like? What colors surrond me? What do I hear? What’s moving around me? What do I like the most? (The answer to the last one is the bunnies. Always the bunnies!! To see those Little sweethearts jump around looking so cute… It just makes me smile so much.)


Something else that’s very important to me is breathing and relaxing. To let go of everything that’s building up inside me. It was a bi hard the first times, but now it’s just so wonderful!

These are thing that help my wellbeeing, every day. That I started with this was after those few Words “the results are back and it’s thankfully not a heartattack like we thought.” 33 years… whoa, no thank you… I can’t stop my physical sickness, but if I feel good mentally ad in he rest of my body, then it will be much easier to endure it all. And THAT is a huge win! It gives me a much better life.


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