Plans for tomorrow

Ok, sorry about the spam, but one more for today.

Since I’ve been so off lately, I’ve decided to write more about my day here. From a wellbeing point of view 🙂

Tomorrow is a big day, I’m going to IKEA to get a new table for the kitchen. So my plan for tomorrow is basically to come home in one piece 😛

But after that I will get my kitchen in order, have it look better than ever (that will be easy…). I’ve already brought grapes so i will have something to snack on and I have Ramlösa (sparkling water from Ramlösa, Sweden) in the fridge. So that’s good.
The big question is what I’m gonna eat tomorrow. I’m thinking pastasallad with halloumi. Yeah… that sounds good!

I feel really good about everything right now. The kitchen will look better, I have a new, pretty scale in the bedroom and next month I’m hoping to buy either a new closet or two new dressers, it depends on what IKEA have in then (they don’t have the dressers right know or I would have bought them).

Tomorrow I will tell you aaall about my first class of Zumba. If you don’t know if you wanna read it or not, here’s a spoiler – I can not dance to save my life!!!


How Yoga & Bodybalance has helped my back

I have a bad back. Seriously, lumbar lordosis I think they called it. My core is really weak. And by ‘really’ I really mean REALLY!!! I need to wor my core, glutes and quads extra much for this problem. Last friday, I realized how much better it’s gotten sine I starte Yoga and Bodybalance in April.

It was Midsummer Eve and the family went to Copenhagen for the day (for old times sake). Ususally after a day of Walking my back lower back is killing me and it is completely impossible for me to keep my back up right. But as I was waiting for the train back to Malmö I noticed that I didn’t feel like my back was about to break in half. Sure, it was really painful, but not at all like it usually is. And what dd I ind? My back was straigth. My lower back wasn’t “falling in” on itself as it does in these situations!!


In the left photo, I was trying to show you how much my lower back used to bend, but this isn’t even it!! I couldn’t bend it as much as it used to do on it’s own!
In the right photo, I’m just standing relaxed. This felt so amazing to discover!!

I have never been happier about starting Yoga and Bodybalance than right then and there! The pain in my lower back isn’t as bad as it used to be over all, either.

Up and at it

I’ve been a bit…. blah…. the last week. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m not really feeling too good. That has unfortunately meant that I’ve been eating wrong and not at all what my body needed or even wanted.

So here I am, feeling sick and tired and bloated and everything else a person doesn’t want to feel..

But that’s ok, stuff happens. I’m back on track now. Strawberries, grapes, Ramlösa (sparkling water) and water, water, water!

More to come…

International Day of Yoga

My session today was an insanely relaxing one. It killed my glutes and thighs, but that’s another story 🙂

Turns out my mascara, that really HOLDS, didn’t quite make it. On one eye.

international day of yoga 1

Turns out a waterfall of sweat is NOT mascaraproofed 😀 But who cares? It’s the end of the day, I have a really nice shower to look forward to and I bet I will sleep like a baby tonight.

international day of yoga 2

I know I said no photos of me in underwear, but you can’t actually see my panties and that up there is a workout bra, so there! “Bra” is by the way the Swedish word for “good”, for all those who didn’t wonder 🙂

And no, I’m not pregnant, that’s just my litte tummy. It was jealous  (really? is that how it’s spelled?) that the rest of me get all the attention. This is me and I’m not ashamed of me!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in desperate need of a shower!

Good Morning Yoga

After a very short night, that felt really long due to vey Little sleep, I finally decided to get u at 5.30 this mrning. What’s the point in just looking at a wall?
I red the news, I looked at some really pretty photos on instagram (I really, really want to go to Edinburgh!!) and then I went to my lovely little yogamat.

There’s this great little morning session, about 10 minutes, to wake up the body that I tried. It felt good, really good. The problem with me and mornings is that my bloodpressure does NOT want to cooperate! It drops a lot, even more so if I moe aup and down – forward bends for example. But I know how my body will react, I know exactly when my bloodpressure will drop and I know just what to do to be able to go on with my day without it affecting me too much. I just have to work around it 🙂


I’m always so, so, so cold in the mornings whe I get out of bed. Freezing cold even! So Yoga in the bathrobe until I get warm, because why not? It’s great actually 🙂 Then when I get warm I take it of and I’m in my panties (no, sorry, there won’t be a photo of that).

It felt pretty good to start the morning like this. Yoga, washing up, getting dressed, reading a book, and THEN go to wok. All relaxed and with a head filled with god and positive thoughts and feelings. Absolutely brilliant!

Freedom Flow! Yoga With Adriene

That’s what I did today 🙂

Yoga With Adriene was the very first contact I had with Yoga when I started to read up on everything Yoga back in february. I still go to her YouTube channel a lot and I really like her!

Today I was searching YouTube for “outdoors Yoga” and her video “Freedom Flow!” came up. I took a look at it and I was sold ❤ This was just the session my body needed today! And this will be perfect for stressful days at work! I like to hold my pose for a bit longer just like “my” teacher at Nordic Wellness does so I did that here too. The 15 minute video took 30 minutes for me to do and that’s pretty good.

There is now a pretty serious amount of sweat running for dear life!! Aaaand my legs don’t really want to move (this is why you always have water with you!)

After the session I took some photos. 2 poses that were in here and 1 just because I wanted it on camera 🙂 And good thing I did too. I noticed that there are a few things I can improve, like how I hold my feet.

IMG_5842 beskuren

IMG_5844 beskuren

IMG_5845 beskuren

The bottom one is not rom todays session, I just wanted to see it 🙂

Another good thing about taking these photos is the whole “I can’t wear that top to the gym because everyone will see how big I am!” SCREW THAT!! I’ll wear what ever the H I want and if someone has a problem with it, then so be it; they can kiss my pale behind!

No if you’ll excuse me, I will do my best to try to get in to the shower.. somehow..

My thoughts on health

I used to think that health = eat veggies and move your body some. That’s it. And maybe for some people that relly is it. Health is one thing for me and one thing for someone else. If you like, you can take a minute to read what I think, how I feel. If you want, you can then share your own thoughts about the subject, I would love to read it!

After the doctors scared me in february, thinking I was having a heartattack (yeah, 33 years old here), I started thinking more and more about my health. Sure, I had lost some weight and I was ok with myself. But do I want to be just ok with myself or do I want to feel GREAT about myself? The latter, obviously!

Being healthy is, to me, so much more than just eating right and go for a walk every now and then. It’s listening to my body. What is it telling me? What does it really want? Becuase my brain is saying ‘hey, that chocolate in the next isle tastes pretty darn good!’ But is my body saying the same thing? No. When I eat chocolate my heart starts to race, I feel tired, I feel down and I don’t really feel like doing anything. So then it’s pretty obvious that I should listen to my body saying no, not hat irritating voice in the back of my head saying that I won’t feel like that this time. This time it will be better.

tortellini med sås

Good food. AND chocolate! Saying no to everything, all the time doesn’t work for me. So on saturdays I can eat what I feel like, IF I feel like it! By listening to what my body wants I don’t get cravings all the time anymore and that feels pretty good!
But let’s be honest here, it was NOT easy in the beginning!! Once the change had been made it was, but getting there… I focused on my physical health and what’s going on there and that made it easier for me.

But it’s not just about the body. It’s about the head too. How am I really feeling? Good? Down? Sad? Happy? Restless? Stressed?
If I don’t look out for my mental well being, all else is lost. I won’t be able to choose right for me and my body if I’m sad and feeling down. That will give me nothing but cravings. But how in the world do you stop yourself from feeling down?
Well… you don’t. You will get there sometimes. I dow hat I can to lessen the blow of bad days. I go for a walk every day, a really long one. The fresh air and all the wonderful things that can be seen along the way does wonders for me.
I take pictures, I look – I mean really LOOK. And I listen. I listen to the wind in the trees, the dogs barking, the birds flying by, kids laughing, people talking… I take in as much as I can and I think about how lucky I am to be here. To experience all these things. How lucky I am to live in a place where I can walk to the sea or walk to a field of grass or walk to a large pond with swans and ducks and geese.

Life is pretty great! And I intend to enjoy every bit of it!


Yeah I have one. Not the one you see in magazines and on TV, but I still have one 🙂


This is what I wrote on my instagram to the picture:

This is my beachbody/bikinibody right now! I have stretchmarks, I have a tummy, I have thighs – the perfect beachbody/bikinibody! I have lost weight and I have weight to lose, bt I still have the perfect body, because it’s MINE! I love my mall hands. I love my small feet. I love my (lack of) hair. I love my nose. I love my skin. I love ME. Every bit of me! You know why?
Because I’m perfect!!
And you know what?
SO ARE YOU!!!!! And I love you! Remember that for  rainy day ❤

Wellness, every day

Not just on the weekends. (This is what I’m thinking and what’s working for me.)

Every friday on the bus home from work I hear people say things like “finally friday!”, “finally weekend!” Now, they’re going to relax, have fun and “just be” as we say in Sweden. I have a job that I love and wonderful coworkers, so I don’t think like that. To me, its’ more “more time to be well” and “more time to enjoy life”. Maybe not those exact Words, but you get what I mean, right?

To me, like everybody else, it’s so important to feel good every day of the year. Bad days will come. Boring days will come. It’s part of Life. If we don’t have any bad days, then how can we really enjoy the good ones?

Feeling good isn’t something that just happens. It demands work. It’s something we have to get for ourselves one way or another! (I am writing about people without mental illness. If you have one, depression, anxiety, panicattack etc then it’s impossible to just “shake it of” with some Yoga poses. Real anxiety and panicattacks can’t be helped this way. If you do have any of this, please talk to a doctor or school nurse, or parent/legal Guardian so you can get help. Yoga is something you can have to help you on the side, but it will never substitute proffessional help!) When I’m talking about bad days and feeling good, I’m talking about te regular kind that applies to us all. Those bad days can be hard enough to get out of sometimes.

I know, that if I go in to a really bad downwards spiral, I will have a relly hard time getting back up. Gettng back on my feet will be so, so hard even if I know that I will get back up. To me, it’s a lot about preventing these bad times and making them as short and tiny as possible.

So how do I do that?
I listen to my body. What does it need? Where do I need to take a walk for it to feel better? What Yoga poses do I need right now (the answer usually have something to do withmy back…)? What does my mind need right now? How do I feel Deep in my oul?
A bit fuzzy, I know. Let’s put it like this:

– Yoga every day, with focus on what my body neds at the moment.
– Plenty of water (we have Amazing tap water in Sweden, so that’s great!).
– Eat because my body needs it, not “just because”.
– Cut candy/sweets/treats to when my body say “GIIIVE MEEE NOOOOW!!!”
– Read books.
– Read up on Yoga (Magazines, blogs, websites).
– Write a stressjournal – what makes me feel good, what makes me feel bad, what stresses me out, thought to help etc).
– #yogalife and #yogalove on instagram.
– Finding the little things in Life that makes m feel better.
– Stop and look/appreciate my surroundings.
– Look for things arouud me that makes me smile, like this wonderful place I live right next to:


The colors, the trees, the water, the pond, the sky, the little tower, the birds, the combination of it all. IN the central of Malmö, right by my place. Can it get any better?
there are so many wonderful things in Life, but you need to find them. I could easily add a “it’s ‘only’ to find them”, but it’s not always that easy. If it was, all of us would be happy all the time.
I stop every nowand then on my walks. I look around. Where am I? What does it look like, really look like? What colors surrond me? What do I hear? What’s moving around me? What do I like the most? (The answer to the last one is the bunnies. Always the bunnies!! To see those Little sweethearts jump around looking so cute… It just makes me smile so much.)


Something else that’s very important to me is breathing and relaxing. To let go of everything that’s building up inside me. It was a bi hard the first times, but now it’s just so wonderful!

These are thing that help my wellbeeing, every day. That I started with this was after those few Words “the results are back and it’s thankfully not a heartattack like we thought.” 33 years… whoa, no thank you… I can’t stop my physical sickness, but if I feel good mentally ad in he rest of my body, then it will be much easier to endure it all. And THAT is a huge win! It gives me a much better life.


I’ve taken in more and more from the Yoga Lifestyle to my heart. Breathing, training, thinking, the help it gives in daily life etc.

Lately, I haven’t been doing very well. I’ve been sick ans an old injury flared up like crazy. My energy has just been gone. But with my nose firmly placed in books about Yoga (and websites) I’ve managed to help myself get back on track.
I have a few things to work on when it comes to my own wellbeing, but I’m on the right track!


These 2 cost half a fortune at Pressbyrån (Swedish).
Yoga Journal was 99sek, but after being on their website so much I was convinced it would be worth it. NOPE! It really wasn’t. Every single thing I read in the Magazine, I had already read on their webiste. But now I know.
OM Yoga was 109sek (!!!!!) and turned out to be worth it! In this edition there was a lot about Yoga in your daily Life, stretching at your desk/office and lots of feel-good stuff.

I ill keep buying OM Yoga Magazine.