I would (MUCH!) rather be at Hogwarts (indeed)


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I am making a “HOW TO” book of survival for my POTS. You know, just because 🙂

I am currently in a very, very bad place when it comes to my POTS, and at times I need to be reminded of what I can and can’t do. Not that I don’t actually know it, but my brain doesn’t want to function. It doesn’t want to think – “brain fog” they call it. Yeah, it’s no fun. So I’m making my “HOW TO” book to always have my reminders of what’s good, what’s bad, tips and tricks, what food is ok and what to stay very far away from.

I’m the kind of person that will forget about the bad things when a few weeks have passed. Then I will be all like “wait, why haven’t I done/eatin/thoguht of this?” and do what ever “this” is and yeah… then I remember *inster crying from laughter emoji here* Every time. And that goes on for quite a few times until I finally remember it. But then when the brain fog gets really bad, it just goes away again.

My main struggles right now is to eat, to walk, and to keep my mind focused. This is why I felt making my book was a good idea. I, however, forgot to think about how much I can’ think of right now 🙂 I’m simply not focused enough. So I’m writing down the things I can, then I leave enough space to add more later. I also google a lot 😉 There’s a lot of “oh, right, how could I forget about that?” going on in my head 🙂

I need to keep cool (it is currently about 30*C in the shade here…), drink lots and lots of water, and take it easy/not stand up if it can be avoided.

There’s a lot I need to think about to feel as good as I can. But that’s for another day 🙂 Right now, this is on the top of my list.

Keep looking up ❤


Put sunglasses on, then read the post ;P


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Have you tried to put on make up when your face is, almost litterally, melting off?
Using sunscreen on my face is for some reason making me sweat more than normal (normal = more than other poeple, thank you POTS). So a teeny, tiny amount of concelear and some mascara had to be enough for today.
I’ll do my Hufflepuff inspired make up tomorrow instead. (Yup, I’m a Hufflepuff ❤ )

My new shorts, they were really comfortable to wear, so I’m happy about that.

Now… Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna continue on this post I wrote a short while ago.

I have bigger thighs. I also have problems with my blood pressure and blood pooling = my thighs (among other body parts…) swell.

Do I hide myself? Nope. My medical condition is not something to be ashamed of. My thighs are not to be ashamed of. My skin is not something to be ashamed of (seriously, does people really not think I see and hear them being rude?). My size is not something to be ashamed of.

So I’m posting these two photos from today, photos that I think are really good!

Hehe, so… I was talking about some white spots on my shoulders earlier today. Then I looked down on my right shoulder (towards the sun), and goodness me… I got blinded by my shoulder and the pain!!! My eyes were hurting for quite some time after!! I had so much fun about that.
So yeah, if you meet me in the summer, just remember to wear sunglasses XD

Top – New Yorker.
Shorts – New Yorker.
Shoes – Primark.
Bag – Primark.
Glasses – Efva Attling.

(And nope, no filters, no editing the photo (apart from the frame), nothing, just me.)

Keep looking up ❤

I feel pretty, oh so pretty…


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I’ve been making tote bags and some other things for a while now. I print what I want on them and they look oh so pretty (or at least I think so 🙂 )

So why not make some clothes too?

I showed you a bit of the top two days ago, here it is 🙂

I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday, so a fika at Espresso house, and the grocery store was all that was on my list.

Then I started on the dress 🙂


It’s not done yet, I still need to fix the back, and I think I may need to add a zipper… A tube dress isn’t always the easiest thing with bigger breasts… And I haven’t actually made one before. But you know, it’s sort of the easiest thing ever 🙂


Top – made by me, fabric bought at Stoff & Stil.
Cardigan – Primark.
Jeans – New Yorker.
Tote bag – made by me.
Bag – Primark.
Shoes – Primark.
Glasses – Efva Attling.

Today and tomorrow will be all about that sofa, ’bout that sofa, ’bout that sofa.

Iäm gonna try to do a Hufflepuff inspired make up tomorrow 🙂

Keep looking up ❤

I needed clothes, so I made some


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I found a dress the other day that I kind of liked. It wasn’t the dress I was after, but close. So when I came home, I thought about it for a while, then I figured, why not just make one myself?

I haven’t made clothes for myself since I was about 14 (in school), and then we had designs to follow.
But hey, a tube dress with added, short sleeves? No worries 🙂

I then figured, why not make a tube top while I’m at it?

I started with the top, and I will make the dress tomorrow.

It’s the same fabric and look, but the pink parts are purple instread.

I’ll show yuo guys the whole look tomorrow (I’m actually in my PJs today, so… that’s why I had to crop the picture so much 😉 )

Keep looking up ❤

My head hurts too much to think of a title…


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People look at me a bit funny when I use my fan. Some people laugh and point, some shake their heads.
I don’t care, I need it. My POTS make me a lot warmer than others, so I use it to help cool myself down 🙂 And it’s pretty nice during a warm day!!

Dress – New Yorker.
Bag – Primark.
Shoes – Primark.
Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana.

I had been out for about 5 minutes before understanding that my cold wasn’t over… My nose doesn’t seem to have an off-switch. At one pint, my ears popped and everything started to spin and I felt like I was about to faint.

So yeah… I’m gonna take it easy tomorrow too 🙂 I’ll take some photos of my roses… Yeah… I’ll do that!

Keep looking up ❤

What’s in my bag…


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I’ve seen these posts all over lately, and I love this bag too much not to show it to you! And what’s in it 😉

As you can see, I can add an over-the-shoulder strap to the bag too. I really wish I had bought the same one in pale green too, oh well.

The bag is from Primark, bought in december 2017.

It does look a little bit different now during spring/summer than the rest of the year.

Sunglasses and sunscreen isn’t my usual must-have. I need to apply more sunscreen every 5 minutes (or so it feels) and who doesn’t want sunglasses?
Other than that, it’s mostly basic stuff:
Wallet (Michael Kors at the moment).
Hand cream (Clinique).
Translucent powder (Clinique).
Moisture surge face spray (Clinique).
Lipbalm, tinted (Clinique).
Lipstick, whichever I use that day.
Medication, buss card, powerbank (with cable, it just didn’t look nice in the photo), napkins, etc.

And yes, that is a very pretty fan with butterflies in the back. My POTS is not very happy with the warm weather, or any weather really, so I always keep one with me. I have a tiny one for tiny bags too 🙂

All I need to add, is a nice water bottle!

What’s the one thing you always keep with you, no matter what?

Keep looking up ❤

All I need is a fez?


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Today is one of those days… So, selfies?

My head hurts, my ears hurt, even my eyes hurt… and my nose doesn’t have an off-switch… But it’s the fever that is the worst, it affects my POTS, and that sucks!

I shouldn’t have gone out yesterday, but it wasn’t even that bad before I left, so…
And besides, a swedish summer usually only last for a day or so. Last year we had a full week of summer (I’m not joking, it was that cold and windy!)…

I’m just goona go with a little throwback collage here today.

This is my first mowhawk. I’m letting my hair grow out so I can get back to this now 🙂 My hair did look a bit fluffier in Las Palmas (this was in november of 2015) than it does at home!

The bow-tie photo is from work, and you know – bow-ties are cool ❤

I hope you’re having a nice sunday! I’m sitting here planing my next nap 😉

Btw, my Spider-Man jumper is from Ovrhypd (have a look at their instagram @ovrhypd.se )

Keep looking up ❤

Toughest race! I’m exhausted now… by watching people…


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Today, Malmö is the fittest it will ever be. Toughest race is currently taking place here. Or perhaps the last group have started already…

It is roughly 20*C in Malmö today, but a bit cold in the shade. Still, a nice day for a walk! We walked down to the beach where the race is taking place and was thrown right in to it. The music, the laughter, the people. It was a bit hard to get good photos because of the people, so I just took photos of my favourite obstacles!

obstacle, toughest race

A lot of people decided to go feet first, but I noticed that the ones who went the other way, head first, made it across quicker.

All the water-obstacles are fun to watch, but this is the best one. People are a bit afraid to go down the ramp, not sure if it’s the height or the fact that they will land in water.

I wish I could have take some photos of the obstacles with mud, but they were just way too crowded.

The grand finale! This is by far the best one to watch!
I had so much respect for one woman in particular, she tried and tried and tried again. In the end, she just didn’t have enough energy left and had to do the penalty run. But she persisted. She refused to quit. That was nice to see 🙂

In the right photo, you can see Batman trying to get up, along with the Joker. Now, Batman fell down again, but the Joker made it up and made sure to let Batman see that he did 🙂 Good one!

It was a bad idea for me to go out at all today, I have a cold that feels like it’s trying to do me in… I’m gonna take a nap now 🙂

Keep looking up ❤

A spoon full of sugar…


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Have you tried Magnum White?

I was so sad when they went missing from the ice-cream boxes… Then this one came out!

I tried it for the first time today, a few spoon fulls managed to go down, and yum!

I decided to try it since my local grocery store had a special on it. I never looked at what it costs normally, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s worth it!


Fika, the best know swedish word?


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Be you.
Be yourself.
People will say things about you and to you, no matter what. So be you.

I had a nice couple of hours at Emporia, the shopping center. Fika and looking at dresses.

I had to share my focaccia, it was impossible to eat it all. It’s so good! Cheese and turkey with tomatoes and a bit of dijon (and mayo I think).

I ended up not buying a dress, the one I really liked was just too expensive.

As I left Emporia, I walked by two teenagers, about 17 or 18 or something like that. With absolute disgust on their faces, they looked at me and one of them went “eew, f*cking hell!”

If these teenagers are comfortable enough behaving like that to a grown woman, how do they treat teenage girls?

How do you deal with rude comments from strangers? What tips would you give the teenage girls?

Keep looking up ❤